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Toolkit Texts

In response to the overwhelming demand for more high-quality, age-appropriate nonfiction texts, Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis have developed the four-volume series Toolkit Texts: Short Nonfiction for Guided and Independent Practice. Designed around articles from popular children's magazines and personally adapted by Stephanie and Anne, these volumes provide engaging supplementary texts that are precisely matched to the strategies taught in The Comprehension Toolkit.

The Toolkit Texts volumes have been developed in collaboration with Carus Publishing, the creator of numerous magazines for children including Cobblestone, Click, Ask, Faces, and many others. All three volumes share the same instructional features.
  • The articles focus on high-interest topics that engage students and help develop strong readers while also building background knowledge in numerous content areas.
  • The articles include an array of features typical of informational texts such as diagrams, charts, maps, and timelines.
  • The articles give students an opportunity to read and process the kinds of passages typically found on state tests.
  • The teacher notes at the beginning of each book describe effective ways the articles can be used to practice the strategies in The Comprehension Toolkit.

Each level of Toolkit Texts provides a library of short nonfiction texts in a reproducible format. Each level also includes a Toolkit Texts CD-ROM that provides all of texts in a full color format that is ideal for making transparencies. All of these full-color texts are provided in English and Spanish.

Toolkit Texts: The Four-Volume Series

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